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Assessment Suite

Inspect® includes over 300 pre-built assessments, including Classroom Checkpoints, Interim Formative Assessments, and Comprehensive and End-of Year Assessments to fully support your assessment needs for the entire school year. Our pre-built assessments are accompanied by a teacher edition that offers rationales and rubrics to pinpoint concepts students are having difficulty mastering and likely reasons why.

  • Rigorous assessments based on principles of evidence-centered design
  • Assess students at various levels of cognitive complexity
  • Provides educators with insight into student weaknesses
  • Aligned with the expectations of college and career readiness
  • Include innovative items that require students to provide evidence and justification for their reasoning
  • Can be modified to match district’s pacing and curriculum maps

Inspect® is provided to you by our assessment delivery partners. Please click here for a complete list.

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